2017年7月7日 金曜日

7月7日(金)& 8日(土)Afrirampo (JP) あふりらんぽ 台湾 Taiwan Tour 7/7台東鐵花村 7/8台北pipe

7月8日(金)&9日(土) あふりらんぽLIVE @ 台湾 台中&台北

Afrirampo (JP) あふりらんぽ Taiwan Tour 7/7台東鐵花村 7/8台北pipe


あふりらんぽ Afrirampo是由オニ Oni(鬼)(Vocal/Guitar)與ピカチュウ PIKA(皮卡丘)(Vocal/ Drum)的兩人實驗宇宙迷幻龐克噪音搖滾組合。

JAPAN TIMES這麼說あふりらんぽ的:Oni與Pika是日本地下音樂圈的傳奇組合,帶給許多樂團與女性音樂家啟發

The Guardian(UK): 上星期我看了一場最棒的演出。他們感覺是暴女運動在20年後以一種非常奇怪但神奇的方式實踐。所有看完演出的人都驚呼あふりらんぽ一定有用巫術(以一種好的方式)。

Barry Holgan(ATP音樂節主辦人): 是ATP音樂節唯二最棒的的現場演出之一。

除了曾與Sonic Youth去歐洲巡迴,也跟過極限噪音搖滾團Lightning Bolt巡迴,並與Mogwai的Stuart Braithwaite還有Thurston Moore以及小野洋子、傳奇迷幻組合酸媽廟 (Acid Mothers Temple)合作演出,除此外合作的對象還包括灰野敬二,七尾旅人,大友良英,山本精一,JOJO広重等等重量級大師。



2016年宣布回歸,立刻受邀許多音樂節,2017年即將前往法國與倫敦的音樂節。自主籌畫あふりの里活動 邀請一些新的樂團及音樂家共同演出。


7/7 (Fri) 台東鐵花村(時間/票價近期公布)

7/8(Sat) 台北PIPE 8點入場

5月7日前(Before May 7th) 600NTD(限量50張)
5月21日前(Before May 21st ) 800NTD(限量50張)
6月4日前(含) (Before June 4th)1000NTD(限量50張)
6月4號後(after June 5th) 1200NTD

Afrirampo The duo put out a few independent releases in their in the 2002-2004 period, notably the album A. During the same period of time, they played extensively in Japan, played their first shows in the US, toured Europe with Sonic Youth and spent some time in Cameroon with the Baka pygmy tribe.

In 2005, they had a particularly productive year, including their major-label Japanese debut Urusa in Japan, the album Kore Ga Mayaku Da on the New Yorked based Tzadik (record label), and a collaboration with Acid Mothers Temple entitled We Are Acid Mothers Afrirampo! In the same year, they performed at All Tomorrow’s Parties, the avant-garde music festival curated by Vincent Gallo, and joined performance artist Yoko Ono on stage for her closing piece.

2006 saw the release of their album Baka Ga Kita, which was recorded during the 2004 Cameroon visit. This album consisted mostly of acapella chants recorded by Afrirampo with members of the Baka tribe, and features no electric guitar.

In 2010, they released their final studio album to date, the double album We Are Uchu No Ko. While this release saw a return to the band’s original noise-punk on some songs, it also showcased the band’s growing musical complexity and influenced of psychedelia and world music.

In June 2010, Afrirampo announced that they would be disbanding after their final show in Osaka on June 26.However, their homepage stated in Japanese that if the “Mother of Heaven” called upon them to play together again, they would play. In the English version, they stated “If our mother of monster say “PLAY!PLAY!together!!”, then we will play,” indicating that the door was open for future reunions.

Yes,They are coming to Taiwan.

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